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About Me


Hi I’m Claire, here’s a bit more information about me, my beloved family and what makes me tick…

I’m am married to my childhood sweetheart Nick. Together we have 5 scrummy daughters, Mando, Meelie, Loulou, Beebs and Bean. We live in the heart of the beautiful English countryside with out two border terriers Daisy and Lola, a cheeky lab cross collie pup named Harry, 3 cats Poppy, Boudica and Mr Whoops and our beloved ponies Piglet and Teddy We homeschool in our own special way and strive to raise our family in a gentle and mutually respectful way.

I love craft, particularly sewing, knitting and crochet but I love dabbling in all things faffy! If I’m not in the kitchen I can usually be found at the dinning table teaching my little ladies or snuggled in front of the fire with a dog or two and a good book.

This blog is a little peek into our lives for you to giggle along with us and maybe feel a little inspired to try something new one day. However I need to confess to you all right now that this is just a little snap shot of our journey and not the full picture! Whilst I aim to be real and share my joys as well as my struggles you must understand that my life is not a bed of roses… we do not all totter around in pretty dresses sipping afternoon tea whilst the children play with baskets of fluffy kittens!! We are a REAL family, with that comes mess, drama, hurt, anger and a whole lot of laundry!!! The internet is a great place, it is full of people sharing their ‘perfect’ lives… sadly this is not a reality and you must remember that whenever reading my blog… I am not perfect, my family is not perfect, we mess up sometimes and make a lot of mess a lot of the time but that is something most of us keep to ourselves! This is not a place I wish to moan about the mundane, grumble about my workload or whine about my unfulfilled desires… it doesn’t mean I believe myself to be abnormally perfect but it does mean I don’t want to bore you with it. (Well at least not ALL of it 😉 )

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