Teething, tips from a Mummy of 5! (Amber necklace review)

As parents we have to learn to read our child’s emotions, feelings and behaviors. We have to play the elimination game, where we slowly go through the list of possible discomforts to finally work out what is causing our little person to feel so sad.
Sometimes this is easily solved, perhaps the smelly nappy went undetected for a little to long, or the last feed was not quite enough to fill that tiny tum for as long as you had hoped… However other times we are able to work out the problem, but a solution is a little harder to accomplish!! Take teething for example, the shiny red cheeks,  dribble leaking out of their poor enraged mouths, nappy contents that require an oxygen mask to clean up… We’ve all been there and the signs are just too blatant to miss! But how do you relieve the pain and discomfort?

Many people turn to infant paracetamol or one of the numbing gels available for children. Others still opt for the more gentle approach of cooling teethers and Nelson’s granules. But what if you can’t use many of these options of they don’t work? What if you want to try to deal with the discomfort in a more holistic way? This is exactly the position we have found ourselves in with little Bean. Due to her allergies and on going medication we are very limited in options. When she cut her first two teeth we had the whole host of side effects, from nappy rash to dribble and everything in between. The sleepless nights were worse than ever and we were so exhausted we didn’t even notice the second tooth arrive!

We decided we needed to look for a new way to help her, something we hadn’t tried before.  I have seen many children wearing amber necklaces over the years and always been intrigued. I knew they were to aid in teething discomfort so began a little research. In all honesty I wasn’t hugely convinced with what seemed to be largely circumstantial evidence and when I saw the price decided it wasn’t for us. But the idea still sat in the back of my mind, could it be the way forward?

When I saw a message asking for parent bloggers to do a review for Natural Amber I knew it was the time to give amber a try! It couldn’t have arrived at a better time, the tell-tale dribble had just started once agin, announcing the imminent arrival of tooth number five and more worryingly for me (and all the other members of our house hold) the return of inconsolable hysteria and the need to label our bin bags as toxic waste!! Or so I thought…

The package was barely out of the postman’s hands before I had the beautiful necklace out and carefully secured on Bean. It felt a little weird putting something around her neck but after reading the enclosed information about the clever safety clasp and seeing how each individual bean is knotted into place, I was very comfortable with her new adornment. So then we simply watched and waited…

And waited…

And finally, after nearly two weeks her latest sparkly white tooth erupted! Honestly, that was the first we knew of it…!

So, off I went, back to Mr Google to find out exactly how or why, we are not all on our knees through sleep deprivation?!

Here’s what I found out…

The amber necklace is made from Baltic amber. This is important because it contains the highest concentration of succinic acid. This is the component of the Baltic tree resin that is released when the amber is warmed up from being close to your child’s skin, most importantly it is this succinic acid that is believed to relieve teething pain. Make of the scientific facts what you will, but be assured I am now convinced it is definitely worth a try. I feel a little sad I didn’t use them with my older children who despite every kind of lotion and potion I could lay my hands on, suffered greatly with teething pain!

So what do you think? Would you give them a try? Have you used them? I’d love to hear your experiences!

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13 thoughts on “Teething, tips from a Mummy of 5! (Amber necklace review)”

  1. I’ve always been largely sceptical of Amber however with so many people singing it’s praises there really must be something in it right? Luckily for me (and my babies ) teething has never been much of an issue in our house – they’ve often just popped out a new tooth with next to no symptoms.
    Thanks for sharing your review with us on #TriedTested this week x
    Colette B recently posted…Confident Kids 24/7 Campaign with DryNitesMy Profile

  2. I was really interested to read this post as I’ve had teething on my mind. Tin Box Baby is coming up to three months and it wasn’t that long after that when her big sister cut her first tooth. We had lots of sleepless nights because of it and many more with the teeth that followed. The only thing that we didn’t try was amber. After reading this I think Tin Box Baby might be getting a new accessory in anticipation of toothy pegs! #triedtested
    Claire at Tin Box Traveller recently posted…A beach day in DevonMy Profile

  3. I’m so glad you linked this post!! I have been wanting to try one of these for a few weeks now as our gorgeous boy is in his 3rd tooth. He is coping really well but the dribble is incredible! I’ve always been intrigued about these but wasn’t sure where to get one from as I’ve heard a lot of people warning about fakes. So now I have a reliable site to get one from! Thanks x #triedtested
    Little Treasures recently posted…Paper Free PaintingMy Profile

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