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I love Christmas and use it as the perfect excuse to get crafting with my girls. I’ll be sharing all sorts of fun christmas themed posts here.

Gingerbread house kit

Gingerbread house kit

I was introduced to the idea of a gingerbread house as a young child by dear family friends. Their Granny lived in Germany and so many of the beautiful  German christmas traditions were a big part of how their family marked the season.

Each year I would see their beautifully decorated Gingerbread house and wonder how they made it! Eventually as a young teen I persuaded my Mum to help me try to make one for us and so began our own Gingerbread house tradition! Continue reading

Eco friendly christmas crackers

Eco friendly christmas crackers

If you have been following my series of posts this week about Getting ahead for christmas you will know that I have been busy finding some great ways to save time and energy in the run up to CHristmas in the hope that I will not crash in a glittery mess in my usual Christmas style!

Today I have some gorgeous crackers that I have been sent as an alternative to my usual time consuming process of making my own! Continue reading

Norman the slug who saved Christmas

Today I am sharing a sweet new book we were sent to review called Norman The slug who saved Christmas by Sue Hendra and Paul Linnet.

I was really excited to get my little book loving hands on this book as I am firmly in the throws of Christmas excitement! I love all the preparation and anticipation that comes from sharing the planning with children so this book was the perfect addition to our Christmas reading box. Continue reading

Eco friendly christmas cards


So as you may know I am attempting to be a little more organised with my preparation for Christmas this year. I have been busy making sure that all my shopping is done early and all the nessesary paraphenalia is in the house ready to go! I am pleased to say that at the moment I actually seem to be on track and have almost all the presents stashed and ready to wrap!  Continue reading