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Homeschooling Families #8 - resize

Today I am featuring a dear friend Carol for the latest post in the homeschooling families series. We have been friedns for many years now and I am very proud to say her gorgeous little lady is my God daughter! We met at our local home ed group and she ws my very 1st real life home ed mummy friend! I hope you enjoy reading about her home ed journey… Continue reading

Tiny Tickers: Two Important Ways to Give Your Baby’s Heart a Better Start

Today I am sharing a guest post from the lovely Aimee over at Mum Aimee. Having watched our youngest daughter being tested in her early days of life for various heart problems (Thankfully all tests were clear) I know how terrified I was. I can’t begin to imagine how families cope with such a diagnosis but want to do anything I can to help! Continue reading

Mum Got Organised: The organised Blogger

organised blogger


In all honesty I feel a bit of a fraud writing this post as the title implies I have got this nailed! However that could be further from the truth… I am still very much finding my feet in blog land but thought it would be cool to share some of the nuggets of information I have gleaned from some other more experienced bloggers! Continue reading

Mum Got Organised: Top tips to STAY organised


Mumy Got organised is back today with Louise from Little Hearts Big Love. Louise is sharing her top 5 tips for staying organised. I’m really excited about this post as I think this is where I tend to fall short. I am am great about coming up with great ideas to GET organised but amd useless at consistency! I will be implimenting lots of todays tips!!  Continue reading