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Homeschooling with Twinkl


The observant amongst you may have noticed a new addition to my side bar in the form of a rather lovely new and spangly badge from Twinkl!

Iam so very excited to announce that I have become a Twinkl Blogger. I will be sharing how we use the fantastic resources availble on the Twinkl website within our home schooling and just for fun. We have been busy over the last 2 weeks trying out some of the material and I thought I woulod share with you how that has gone. Continue reading

Structured Home Learning: Half term review.

Wow, where did that half term go? I can’t quite believe that we have already been back to ‘school’ for 8 weeks!! I thought it would be nice to round up all the fun that we have been having and also let you all know how we have been getting on with our new curriculum! This is the first year that we have started with a full year of academics planned ahead of us! And that is all thanks to Structured Home Learning. Continue reading

Learning about Brazil with Little Passports


About a month ago I wrote about our 1st Little Passports package and how excited we were about using the subscription we were gifted as part of our homeschooling. Well, we have just recieved our 1st country package and I thought I would share with you how we have been Learning about Brazil. Continue reading

Save The Children Club: The Philippines edition (Review)

Save the children

This week received the very first Save The Children Club package to review. This delivery is all about life as a child in the Philippines. We were really excited to get started on all the activities and projects included in the pack and have learnt so much already! I thought it would be nice to share with you how we have used it along side our homeschooling curriculum to aid the children’s understanding of the differences and similarities between their own lives and thoseofchildren living across the globe. Continue reading

Our home ed group fun.

Over the years we have been home educating our children we have been attending a lovely little home ed group  once a week. It’s a place for us to all get together and share some activities that are tricky to do in small groups like team games, singing and science experiments. Every week each family brings along an activity to share, often something that they have been enjoying at home or s skill that they want to pass on to others! Continue reading

Orange: Finding Colours in nature


With autumn fast approaching and the colours around us changing at a shocking rate it seemed the perfect time to hunt for some shades of Orange. Whilst exploring St Fagans in South Wales recently, we took the opportunity for another colour hunt!

Orange really is such an emotive colour when out and about. Not only is it often so very bold and striking, but it represents so much. The promise of crunching leaves, the hope of warm fires and snuggly blankets… I am all about a bit of autumnal indulgence! Continue reading

Homeschooling Families #4

Homeschooling Families
Welcome back to the Homeschooling Families series. I’m really enjoying getting a sneaky look inside the lives of other homeschooling families! I love finding out how other people have adapted the fun of home educating to fit with their family!
Today, the lovely Jess from Along came Cherry and Lets do something crafty is sharing their home ed style. I have met Jess at a couple of home ed activities over the last year and was really excited to find out she also happens to be the author or one of my favourite blogs!! 
Right that’s enough from me, over to Jess!

Continue reading

Homeschooling Families: US!

Homeschooling families


Hi, Welcome back to the latest in my series of interviews with Homeschooling Families… I thought it might be fun to feature our little family this week. I hope you’ll indulge me as I fill you in on our homeschooling journey!

I’m Claire (I guess you knew that!) and I live in the heart of Somerset with my hubby, 5 daughters and numerous pets! We have been homeschooling (on and off) for 6.5 years. Continue reading