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Homemaking for the internet generation

In the approach to Christmas I always find myself feeling a little nostalgic. I gaze hopelessly into the fire of an evening remembering the many happy hours I spent as a young child helping with the preparations for the years festivities. I come from a long line of passionate home makers with my mum even having taken it the the next level and trained as a home economics teacher! Continue reading

Size styler, because size matters!

When shopping in store or indeed online it can be  bit like Russian Roulette trying to select the correct size garments! I have always been a straight 10 but regularly find myself buying a 8 or 12 and shockingly some times a 6. Why all the variety? Well it would seem that the fashion industry can’t quite agree on the measurements of a size 10 woman or indeed any other size for that matter! Continue reading

Blackout blinds for roof windows

It is a sad reality that at some point in the fairly near future our little Bean will be needing to move out of our bedroom. I can’t actually believe I am writing this as after more than 13 years of co-sleeping I don’t think it is something I am really prepared for! However, despite only being 20 months old she is a VERY light sleeper!  Continue reading

Keeping little ones warm at bedtime

The weather has really turned now and we are firmly into our winter warmers. However thanks to our beloved Aga we haven’t yet had to turn the heating on. When it gets particularly cold in the evenings we have just been lighting the fire for a bit of extra warmth and leaving the bedroom doors open to let the heat flow through. However this will not last much longer and we are just starting to think about how we can keep everyone nice and warm at bedtime! Continue reading

Christmas gifts: Get your shopping done the easy way…

Christmas Gifts

As you may or may not be aware Christmas is COMING!! Ok so I am a little excited I must confess! I have been busy compiling my christmas gift guides to provide a bit of alternative gifting inspiration and the giveaways that have been running alongside are soon to close. So I thought it might be a good time to give them one last plug  and also talk a bit about the ‘must have toys’ this year. Continue reading