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#Busydoinglife: A terrible day

Having woken today to the hideous new of last night’s killings in Paris I have decided not not to run #busydoinglife this week. I just felt today was not the day for it and that our time would be better spent with our loved ones and praying for the people who’s livehave been changed forever.

I hope you will understand and join me in a time of reflection instead of linking up this week.

Perhaps you could change your social media profile pictures to something to mark your solidarity with the people of Paris. I am not sure how to be of practical help right now but I feel a river of love and support accross all social media may be the best we can do from afar. (For now at least.)

If you have been personally effected by the events of last night please know I am thinking of you and if there is anything I can do I would be happy to help.

An important note before I go…

I saw this on Twitter earlier this morning and I feel I need to share it with you, now is not the time for hate and condemnation. The people who carried out these awful atacks must be brought to justice but that can wait. For now we must all stand strong together love and this tweet really sums it up for me…

Christian, Jewish, Muslim, Hindu, Buddhist.



Know the difference. #Prayers4Paris


I hope to see you all next week for another #busydoinglife but for now, I hope you can all find the time to be with your loved ones x

Turning the tide on the Illegal trade of Wildlife


I have often blogged about our enjoyment of nature and the world around us a lot in the past. I’ve shared many of our adventures in the countryside near our home and a fair few outings to wildlife parks and zoos. We all enjoy being around animals and given that we share our lives with so many it is just as well! Continue reading

Tiny Tickers: Two Important Ways to Give Your Baby’s Heart a Better Start

Today I am sharing a guest post from the lovely Aimee over at Mum Aimee. Having watched our youngest daughter being tested in her early days of life for various heart problems (Thankfully all tests were clear) I know how terrified I was. I can’t begin to imagine how families cope with such a diagnosis but want to do anything I can to help! Continue reading

My dream kitchen

As you may have seen from a couple of my pervious posts I have been trying to make our house more homely. A month or so ago I wrote about updating our tiny bathroom and then our master bedroom plans. Today I thought it would be fun to dream a little! You see living in a rented house brings with it many benefits for us but also a fair few limitations when it comes to creating our ‘dream home’! Continue reading

Firework night fun and some safety tips!

firework night

Firework season is fast approaching, the perfect opportunity to get outside and enjoy some family fun! We love attending one of the large local displays and always have a few sparklers at home with the girls. The highlight for me is getting wrapped up warm and heading out together with flasks of hot chocolate and some tasty treats to share and of course the children are always mesmerised by the fantastic displays!
Continue reading

Busy Doing Life #11


Welcome  to busy doing life #11, the linky to share all your family fun posts! You are welcome to share days out, crafts, cooking fun, or any other busy-ness you have enjoyed. Posts can me new or old, all I ask is that they are family orientated!

Thankyou so much for joining me again if you are a regular and a special welcome if you are new here!! If you haven’t participated in a linky before please do join in, we were all new once (I didn’t even know what a linky was 4 months ago!) and I’m happy to help all I can if you get stuck. Continue reading

Little Passports Subscription Giveaway

Little Passports Subscription Giveaway

Welcome to my most exciting giveaway so far… I have a 6 month subscription to Little Passports for one lucky reader. You even get to choose if you would prefere a World edition or Early Explorers so there really is something for everyone!!

The perfect addition to every homeschool or perfect for extending your childrens school based learning! I wrote yesterday about how we will be using our World Edition subscription and what is included in this package so be sure to go and take a look if you haven’t seen these great little kits before! Continue reading