Christmas tree decorations

As you probably already know I LOVE crafting, especially with my kids and Christmas brings with it so many opportunities for making and doing. It seems only right then that as a craft lover I start sharing some of my favorite festive makes with you lovely peeps!We have always enjoyed making new decorations for our Christmas tree each year. Many are kept and brought out year after year bringing with them many precious memories of past family time.

We first made these simple little decorations many years ago when Madlin was small and we still have a couple that have withstood the abuseĀ of many toddlers over the years!

You will need:

  • Polystyrene shapes. (I have stars this time)
  • PVA Glue
  • Free flow glitter.
  • A small piece of ribbon
  • A pin

To make your christmas tree decorations…20151128_210339
Cover the polystyrene shape with the glue.20151128_210513

Sprinkle with glitter and allow to dry thoroughlyChristmas tree decorations (0)

Fold your ribbon in half to make a loop and pin to the top of your decoration.Christmas tree decorations

Hang on your tree and enjoy!

Christmas tree decorations

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