Learning geography in the most unlikely way!

As a homeschool family we love learning all kids of quirky facts having fun whilst doing so! I recently found this fun quiz on the Kaercher website that combined the best of quirky learning with some interesting facts about world famous land marks!Geography is such an important subject for children top study and is often the starting point for many of our unit studies. We used this great Map Quiz on the Kaercher site to begin a mini study about some of the world most famous Monuments.

It was surprising how many even I hadn’t heard of, although I did happen to know that the London Eye was in London! #mumwin

The kids really enjoyed discovering some new landmarks and then we moved on to researching some more interesting facts about them.

One of the biggest talking points though was how on earth did Kaercher go about cleaning such a diverse range of structures?! Before we knew it we were coming up with some weird and wonderful ideas of how this might happen and dreaming up some new innovative cleaning machines of our own! So that covered design and technology before getting rather scientific as we discussed cleaning with chemicals and they effects they might have on certain materials.

Finally we returned to geography as we tried locating the monuments on our own map and trying to remember where they all were! It was amazing how good the children’s memories were, far better than mine! I actually had to look a few up, just to be sure they were right! Without exception they were and once again they all had a good laugh at my expense!


**This is a collaborative post**

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