Gingerbread house kit

Gingerbread house kit

I was introduced to the idea of a gingerbread house as a young child by dear family friends. Their Granny lived in Germany and so many of the beautiful  German christmas traditions were a big part of how their family marked the season.

Each year I would see their beautifully decorated Gingerbread house and wonder how they made it! Eventually as a young teen I persuaded my Mum to help me try to make one for us and so began our own Gingerbread house tradition!Gingerbread house kitI’m not going to lie, it was a real faf as there were no kits available to buy back then. Every panel was lovingly cut, baked, cooled and decorated and as the years went by our efforts improved. It wasn’t long before I had a home of my own and I was keen to continue the tradition but with a small baby and then several more following along I just didn’t find the time!

Eventually a couple of years ago I found that Lidl sold small kits and I knew we had to give it a go!

It was lovely to have re-kindled such a fun tradition from my childhood but if I’m honest it just wasn’t as good as the ‘real thing’!

Since then I have been planning to make my own again but as usual life has got in the way and I haven’t managed it but I just couldn’t bring myself to buy another mass-produced rather simple looking kit.

Fast forward to this year and I decided now was the time to pull my socks up and get on with it! However in keeping with my plans to cut back on time-consuming projects and maximise my efforts in the right places I began hunting for a kit that was a little bit special!

It didn’t take long for me to find this lovely kit from The Gingerbread House.gbhouse white whitewindowIt’s exactly what I was looking for with the beautiful stained glass windows and super cute little men I knew this was the one for us! The kits are made by Liz Druce in North Yorkshire and are lovingly packaged up carefully to ensure that your kit arrives in perfect condition.

The kit includes icing powder, a piping bag, sweets, detailed instructions and of course all the necessary panels to make your very own gingerbread house and begin your very own family tradition!Gingerbread house kit

We will be making our house in a couple of weeks time so keep an eye on my Instagram account for pictures of the finished masterpiece. We will be adding some extra sweets as there are a lot of us and we always stuff it full of treats to share on Christmas Eve!

Do you have any Christmas traditions that you love but wish they could take a little more effort? Have you made your own Gingerbread house before? I’d love to hear how you do it!

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