Homemaking for the internet generation

In the approach to Christmas I always find myself feeling a little nostalgic. I gaze hopelessly into the fire of an evening remembering the many happy hours I spent as a young child helping with the preparations for the years festivities. I come from a long line of passionate home makers with my mum even having taken it the the next level and trained as a home economics teacher!

I have the fondest memories of seeing her baking all the sweet smelling treats and preparing our family home for the arrival of guests. It was a very special time of year and our family traditions were numerous, from her amazing filo mice pie parcels to the tasty marzipan fruits we used to make together.

It was this time of year in particular that I saw my mum and Grandma come into their own. The preparation was of military standard, with lists as long as my arm of tasks to be done and items to be purchased!

I have certainly not managed to inherit any of her organisational skills but what I have taken with me into adulthood is her love of all things homely!

I regularly find myself sewing baking, knitting and creating and it would seem I am not alone! A new survey conducted by Baytree Interiors has shown that the desire to learn new home making skills is on the increase. What’s more of the 1000 people who participated 30% said that they would most like to improve their baking knowledge! Given the popularity of The great British bake off this didn’t really come as much of a surprise to me. However there was something else discovered that I wasn’t expecting…

43% of the people asked said that they use the internet to learn new homemaking skills with only 29% learning directly from another person! Whilst I know that today’s society is a very internet savy one I was still shocked to find that something as traditional as homemaking skills is now being predominantly passed on by the power of the world wide web!

I guess this is a good thing really but I do wonder how many people will find themselves reminiscing about the time they spent learning new things online in the way I do about the time spent with my mum!

If you would like to read more about this fascinating survey you can read it in full on the Craft-O-Maniac website.

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