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The observant amongst you may have noticed a new addition to my side bar in the form of a rather lovely new and spangly badge from Twinkl!

Iam so very excited to announce that I have become a Twinkl Blogger. I will be sharing how we use the fantastic resources availble on the Twinkl website within our home schooling and just for fun. We have been busy over the last 2 weeks trying out some of the material and I thought I woulod share with you how that has gone.
Im a Twinkl Blogger

As you will know if you have read my post from last month we are using Structured Home Learning for our main curriculum this year. We have found it to be very complete and the children have enjoyed using the planner to ensure they are up to date with their work. However as an adult I have strted to find there are opportunities that I would usually take to diversify our learning through craft and varied activity. As a result I have been on the look out for something to compliment the curriculum and aid me in getting to the end of the year!!

(I should probably add at this point that the children have had no complaints, they are very happy with the SHL material it is simply me wanting a little more variety to our school time and that is most likely down to my own lacking and not that of the curriculum itself!!)

Each of the children have been using different elements of the Twinkl resources to compliment their SHL curriculum so I will just outline what each one has been up to this time but I will be back soon to share a more detailed explaination for each of them.Homeschooling with Twinkl

Evie: Due to last year being very disrupted by Bean’s multiple hospital stays Evie still struggles a little with rememberiong some of the letter sounds. Because of this I am using the staged Phonics material as a bit of a reienforcement for her whilst she continues at the acedemic level she is capable of. She is loving this and it’s REASLLY boosting her confidence! Also occassionally she gets in a pickle with remembering the order of numbers over 10 so again the worksheets are coming in VERY handy as a refresher!Homeschooling with Twinkl

Olivia: Having taken a while to learn to read and struggled a lit with her stammer Olivia is loving the extra comprehension activities and has also been trying out the ‘Queen Lapbook.’Homeschooling with Twinkl

Emelia: Times tables are such a valuble skill and whilst Emelia has learnt all the timestables up to 12 she could do with them being a little quicker to recall so I have printed some fun challenge cards for her to do each day. They only take a few minutes each but they add a nice bit of variety to her schedule and we are already seeing an improvement!Homeschooling with Twinkl

Madlin: Being in year 8 now, Madlin is fairly self sufficient in her learning and so the material she is already using works really well. However she is wanting to start studying GCSE Child development now so she has been looking through lots of the early years material to help get an idea of what she will be doing. The plan is that she will plan a daily activity for Bean (20 months) and record her efforts and Bean’s progress using the resources from Twinkl. This is a very new development so not a lot to show you at present but I will keep you updated!!

We will be using much more of the resources over the coming months and will be sharing our progress with you here. If you are a homeschooling family interested in using the many Twinkl resources to compliment your families learning journal be sure to check out the Twinkl homeschoolers group on Facebook for lots of tips and support.

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