Homeschooling families

Homeschooling Families

A series of interviews with home educating families, aiming to show the diverse range of styles, approaches and family make ups within the world wide home educating community.

Each one of these guest posts is from a parent who has made the decision to take the responsibilty of their childrens’ education upon themselves. Many argue that home schooling is ot for everyone, and whilst this may be true it is also true that no two families educate in the same way!

If you are a home ed family nad you would like to be featured here please do get in touch. You can email me at and I will send you the set of questions to complete. The more the merrier!

Luminara King
Luminara King
The Creative Pair
The Creative Pair
Homeschooling families us!
Jess - Along came cherry
Jess – Along Came Cherry
Homeschooling families
Jess Lewis


Homeschooling families
Erin Vincent – Nourishing my scholar






Hannah - Taught over tea
Hannah – Taught over tea
Luke Strickland - Home Ed Matters
Luke Strickland – Home Ed Matters

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