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I have a confession… as anyone who reads our blog often will know I talk a lot about my girls. There are 5 of them and I feel truly privileged to call them my daughters! However, there are also some boys in our family. I rarely mention them although they often feature in my photos and I feel it is about time I introduced you to them properly! Meet Piglet:


Known as Piggy or Pig-face to his friends he is the smallest, yet oldest of our boys. He is a miniature Shetland and a rather gorgeous one at that! He came to spend his retirement with us a year ago at the ripe old age of 17. He has had a rather flamboyant youth, employed to father other stunning ponies and was only relieved of his duties 18 months ago! ;0)20141207_115209

Despite being a working stallion most of his life he is THE most gentle, patient and adoring pony I have ever had the privilege of meeting. He literally babysits Bean who thinks he is another toddler!

Teddy Pony


This little chap stole my heart and has been running me ragged ever since! We bought him 14 months ago as a lead rein/first ridden… he proved to be more of a project pony with a heart of gold but a fear of his own shadow.

Our journey with this trouble maker has been some what rocky and has pushed me to my limits! I never how overly protective I could be of my girls until I met this boy! He is a sweetie at heart but has taken a while for us to fully trust him due to his slightly neurotic tendencies!


He is now riding out confidently and giving the children so much pleasure. At just 8 years old he is the youngest of our boys and we hope with every year that he is with us he will continue to progress in the way he has this past year! I think he is a super star but I guess I’m a little biased!



Sir Pongo Stinky Pants to those who love him is our winter loan pony. He is the apple of Madlin’s eye and in here opinion can do no wrong! (Despite biting her leg so hard that the bruise was there for nearly a month) 20141104_165430

He doesn’t have a mean bone in his body but is an acquired taste! He is a lollopy plod and prone to evading any kind of work so takes a fair amount of encouragement!

Pongo is the only pony we have who is big enough for me to ride so we have some adventures of our own every now and then. A real indulgence for me and the closest I have ever come to having my ‘OWN’ pony!

So there you have it… We are not actually just a family of girls (and a hubby) after all! These boys are a major part of our life and from now on I hope to share a bit more of what we get up to together!

Do you have any pets? Do they feature heavily on your blog? I’d love to know how you integrate their antics into your blogging activity!


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  1. Gorgeous ponies and fabulous names especially Sir Pongo Stinky Pants :)

    You are so lucky that Piglet is a gentle soul. The part Shetland pony I dad as a child (Dinky) was a complete nightmare. He knew exactly how to unseat me and grooming him was fraught with danger but I loved him dearly!

    Thank you for joining in with #AnimalTales and adding your boys :)
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