Our new school room storage from Shelfstore

A couple of weeks ago we were contacted by Shelfstore and asked if we would be interested in trying out their innovative new shelving system. As a homeschooling family with an abundance of resources I jumped at the chance of a new system to organise all our materials.

We started by measuring up the space we had and then began browsing all the fantastic options for  making the most of our area. I was amazed at how many choices there were from shelf width and depth to added features like drawer units and cupboard doors. There really is a solution to all your storage needs!

We wanted to keep our school room feeling light and airy so decided to leave all the shelving with open backs, fronts and sides. I hoped this would also encourage me to keep it all tidy as everything will be on show! Another bonus of this is that hopefully the children will be able to find everything they need easily.

With our measurements taken and our style decided all that was left was to use the simple design wizard to select all our components and extras.

Once the order was placed we were able to choose our delivery day (perfect for us as I hate having to stay at home in anticipation of deliveries!!)

Our delivery arrived as expected and was carefully carried into the house by the very helpful courier and then the fun began…!

Here’s how it looked before we started…


Not a lot of storage, lots of clutter and certainly not very attractive!

We have had lots of cheap shelving over the years that has never lasted for long. We have tried many set ups for our school time from the kitchen table to a designated room but what has always been our down fall was the storage! You see in schools they have resources stashed in every cupboard and drawer around the school, but we live in this school. There is┬áthe usual household junk cluttering up the airing cupboard, kitchen, utility room… so all our learning materials tend to find themselves spread out around the house wherever they can fit!

1: The school room before. 2: Emptying the room begins. 3: The room is looking clearer! 4: All empty and ready for our Shelfstore units. 5: The boxes begin to arrive. 6: There were lots to move so everyone was helping! 7: With all the boxes in it was time to start unpacking! 8: It was a bit like Christmas with all the unboxing going on! 9: All the components ready to assemble.

Not any more!

1: Nick checking the online assembly video guides. 2: Securing the first upright to the wall. 3: He actually used a spirit level… 1st time for everything! 4: Bean decided nap time was over! 5: The progress was FAST! 6: All the uprights are in place. 7: Bean helping daddy put the desk together. 8: Evie enjoying drawing on the empty boxes! 9: And so the shelf filling began!

Everything has a place and for once (lots hope this the start of great habits!) everything is in it’s place! Whats more it looks fantastic. The wood is really well quality and is finished to a very high standard. I am now starting tho think we need a Shelf store system in every room and with all the variations available there is no reason why this couldn’t be the case!

Here’s how it looks now our Shelfstore units are all up… There is still a lot of ‘stuff’ to come through and fill up the shelves but I couldn’t wait any longer to share this with you! I’m really excited about spending our last couple of weeks of term in our new organised school room!20151128_221924

My favorite things about our new Shelfstore shelving…

  • It looks great
  • Having been able to tailor it to our exact needs everything fits in place perfectly.
  • I love Darcie’s little desk area, I can’t wait to start her Tot school days there!
  • My desk is BEAUTIFUL! I little cubby whole of serenity amidst the crazy of daily homeschool life!!
  • I now have the perfect school room and then in the evening my own little office space to work on my blog!

What would I change?

Other than deciding we could fit one extra unit in and create a little school desk for Evie as well, absolutely nothing. Thankyou Shelfstore for making our homeschool room as individual as our family!

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  1. This is great! I’m always on the look out for clever storage solutions. This would be great for our daughter’s room.

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