Postcrossing day

Today was Postcrossing day :-) If you are not familiar with Postcrossing here’s a brief summary.

First you must register to be included in the Postcrossing database. (You can do that here)
The database will then randomly match your details to someone hoping to recieve some mystery mail.
You recieve an address and brief summary of the recipiants likes and dislikes.
All you have to do now is write a postcard and send it!
Once the postcard has been recieved you will be linked to another member but this time as a recipient! You will soon be recieving postcards from all over the world! Pretty cool huh?

 Its great fun and a lovely way to practise writing skills, as well as learning about other countries. Today we were writing to 5 different countries, USA, Russia, Czech Republic, China and Germany. 
We had lots of fun finding the destinations on a map and talking about what to write.

I like to include a few low value coins and sometimes some stickers if I know it’s going to a family with children. The posibilities are endless! We have recieved train tickets, cinema tickets, leaflets about local places of interest…

After writing our postcards we  wrote the postcard ID’s on the outside. Before sticking on some pretty stamps we had ready! I love the idea that we are sending a tiny bit of our country to someone who may never come here and yet will have a little momento from a place far away!

Have you ever tried post crossing? I’d love to hear your experiences.

The cow that laid an egg

the cow that laid an egg book review

Ok, so this is quite possibly THE best, most fantastic children’s book ever!! It has everything! 

Right now we have that out of the way… 

The cow that laid an egg

A beautiful and endearing story about true friendship, kindness and motherly love. The illustrations are bold and clear, with striking colour throughout. A must read for all, children and adults alike.

There are two sequels to date. both wonderful books, equally humorous and again illustrated perfectly. Not sure they can beat the original though 😉

Useful links

Craft Ideas
Egg decorating

Activity ideas
Sorting egg laying and non egg laying animals
Visit a farm

We love books, and have quite a stash on the bookshelves! Every now and then we find a really special one, when we do we’ll be sure to review it and let you know about it! Click here to be taken to my other book reviews.

The Numbers 1 – 3 (free lapbook)

This is the very first lapbook I ever made. It was for Beebs our 4 year old who is loving doing big girl school at the mo! 

Click the link below to download and use with your little person :-) At the moment it is only available to download as a word doc but my wonderful hooby is working on this!



Inside mini book (back)

Inside mini book (front)

Pretty storage tins

I love making pretty things from stuff that would usually go in the bin…This is a very easy project, just take care with the spray paint!!


1. Ensure your tin is completely clean and dry. Then in a well ventilated are spray using thin coats and allowing each coat to dry well before applying the next. 

  2. Stencil your picture onto the reverse of your sticky back plastic and cut. Or use your dye cutter.

 3. Remove the backing from your embellishment and stick onto your tin.

4. Ta – da! A pretty storage tin. What will you keep in yours?

I’d love to see your projects… please feel free to add pictures to my facebook page or tag me in an instagram post! 

Trash 2 TreasurePeakle Pie

Pants… Check!

With 5 little ladies in tow and no partner in crime abolition, I headed to Wells for my God-son’s first holy communion.

It all started well as we were able to sit at the very back of church, giving me an easy line of escape should I need to evacuate with a small screaming Bean. I sat with my four frocked up girlies and smuggly congratulated myself on the monumental achievement of arriving in good time, with all children present and correct – Bean was fast asleep giving me a head start in the crowd control stakes. But my greatest achievement, or so I thought, was having managed to de-tangle the coco pops from Beeb’s hair. 

However I was soon to realise ensuring the presence of pants on every one of my darling princesses was to be by far the most valuable investment of time.

Being a Catholic church, we were graced with a great deal of pomp and circumstance. All very lovely, and a fascinating display of tradition. But on the hottest day of the year sat snuggly in a pew with 5 fidgety, clammy and frankly bemused darlings and a Mother who is intent on spending the entire service totally unaware of the nose picking,  hair twiddling, toe nail nibbling granddaughters around her. I was, for the first time in the history of parenting, secretly elated to hear the once dreaded words… ‘ Mummy I need a wee’!
We snuck quietly to the bathroom and took our time in the cool, spacious corridor before returning to the proceedings. Before re-entering the church I took one last calming breath of incense free fresh air… Lord knows I needed it!!!

I should point out at this moment we had been gone less than 5 minutes… more like 3 in reality! ! That is less than 180 seconds. What could possibly go wrong in that time? I mean they were with my Mother…

Some how my service sheet had fallen on the floor and slid forwards under the feet of the row of un-suspecting parishioners in front. Loulou had taken it upon herself to retrieve said item and in doing so had launched head first under the seat thinking nothing of the fact she was wearing a rather pretty, but rather unforgiving summer dress! Needless to say the dress was not doing anything for her modesty and all that remained of my once angelic 7 year old was her bottom sticking up between the rows like Winnie the pooh stuck in a honey pot!!! The poor man next to her didn’t know what to do less still how to help! But to be honest, I didn’t care! I was too busy basking in the relief that we had a pants check this morning!!

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Precaffinated disaster.

Today started with the usual breakfast bedlam.  Followed by missing socks and another unannounced visit from the hairbrush fairy.(goodness only knows what she does with them all!!)

All of this I could have coped with and frankly I wouldn’t expect any less from our brood. But today in my pre-caffinated state I was forced to endure more than any sleep deprived, 20 something, mother of many could reasonably be expected to be prepared for…  This morning poor little Lola (our gorgeous, butter wouldn’t melt border terrier puppy) got her foot trapped in the kitchen door and proceeded to do her very best massacred baby bunny impression outside on the decking. When the screaming and howling finally ceased we were left with a very forlorn pooch with one leg that, despite vast amounts of coxing, would not EVER make contact with the floor again! Or so it seemed…

We dutifully made an appointment with our vet and arrived early, (a first time for everything 😉 ) ensuring we had plenty of time to entertain the receptionist with our usual rowdy antics! Poor Lola sat in Mando’s arms letting out the occasional pitiful whimper and looked over her family with such a look of disappointment, that I was sure the receptionist would be on the phone to the RSPCA the second the consulting room door was closed! I was just sat counting my lucky stars that we had insurance to cover this bill that I was sure was going to be huge, when we were called in.

The darling little creature was placed on the table for the damage to be assessed.  No sooner had I explained that she was unable to stand up (and had barely moved from her bed since the horrendous incident occurred) than she was stood on he back legs, front feet on the unsuspecting vet’s shoulders, kindly ensuring she was clean behind the ears!!! 

So I kindly and calmly thanked the vet for her time and patience and escaped to the comparable serenity of my van. Albeit £30 lighter!

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