Size styler, because size matters!

When shopping in store or indeed online it can be  bit like Russian Roulette trying to select the correct size garments! I have always been a straight 10 but regularly find myself buying a 8 or 12 and shockingly some times a 6. Why all the variety? Well it would seem that the fashion industry can’t quite agree on the measurements of a size 10 woman or indeed any other size for that matter!

This fantastic infographic from Size Styler shows the huge variation in the exact size statistics!

infographic (1)

It’s quite shocking really that there could be a  2.1in difference between the bust size of two garments sized the same! I’m pretty sure that is a good few bra sizes that’s over 5cm!

However despite the massive variation in individual measurements the overall picture of each brands sizing is almost exactly the same with them all suggesting a 9 inch difference between hips and waste and a 7 inch difference between bust and waist. Are we all actually that shape? I’m not convinced!

However fear not, there is a solution to the uncertainty of clothes shopping especially online, in the form of Size Styler. Instead of playing the size guessing game you can enter your actual measurements and the revolutionary website will search hundreds of brands and recommend the best fit for you from their thousands of products! Saving time, frustration and the inevitable disappointment of having to exchange clothes for a  larger size!

Sounds like a genius idea to me, why not give it a go next time you are looking to buy something online and don’t want the hassle of returning wrong sizes?!

On a side note, this website has got me thinking… When trying to loose weight it is often the case that new clothes will be needed as your measurements decrease. However, often the decrease in size is not proportional as the body redistributes any excess stored fat. I know from loosing baby weight that my waist has returned to it’s pre-baby size far sooner than my thighs for example! How fantastic to now be able to search for the best places to shop for your body shape as it changes and ensure that any new clothes are well-fitting! I think this would be a real confidence boost and offer real encouragement for a weight loss journey!

**Please not, this is a collaborative post but all words and opinions are my own!**


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