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Blogging: The awkward return…


How do you start a post when there is so much to say and no words to say it? It’s a tough one… I’ve had a little break from blogging, it started  for so many reasons I don’t know where to start. So I’m not going to even try and explain. However there is just ONE reason for my return and that’s a much easier place to start!

I miss it, I miss the enjoyment of posting and interacting with my readers, I miss the blogging community, it’s love, support and encouragement and most of all I miss the outlet for my creativity!

The future of The Freerange Family

So here’s the plan, I hope to be back for good now, but a few things have to change. My primary role in life is being a wife and mummy and I need for that to be safe so despite returning to my blog I will not be returning to the quantity of posts I once aimed for. I hope to post a couple of times a week and share more of the real goings on within our lives. They say quality is better than quantity so lets hope that’s how it pans out!!

Also, despite being a parent and a home schooling one at that I do have other passions and hobbies so I hope to include more of that adding to the authenticity of my content.

Blogging return

I have been rather busy on Instagram during my break, if you’d like to see what I’ve been up to I’d love you to pay a visit to my new instagram accounts @herbieandfriends and @Tuckerthecob

If you have made it to the end, congratulation! Thankyou for sticking with me, I look forward to being around a bit more!

And then the fun began...

Children and chores… Respect is earnt and self worth is learnt.

Children and chores seems to be quite a contravercial issue in this country! Some don’t encourage their children to participate in the running of the house at all, some seem to think they have to pay their children to get anything done and still others expect the children to pull their wait and help out with regular house hold resposibilites. We have bumbled through parenting trying out all of these options over the years with varying degrees of success so I thought I might share with you my current tactics and thoughts. Continue reading

Mummy Got Organised

I’m guessing that if you have visited my blog much you will know by now that I am not the most organised person! I have written about my need to improve my organisation before but today I am launching a little series of posts about how I am planning to get organised and hopefully stay that way!! (We shall see!) The full series goes live next week. Starting Monday 31st August.

I have been really busy finding lots of great ideas and products to help kick start my new organised life… I’ll share them with you today and then talk a bit more about how I plan to make them work for me in later posts. Continue reading

Word of the week GROGGY


Groggy, oh I love that word, and it really sums up how we have all been feeling this week! We have been hit by a mean bug that has washed though all of us to varying degrees… The smaller people have all been sick and very run down, the rest of us have just felt rather pants and… well groggy!

I wonder if we over did it a bit lasy week with our busy fun? In all honesty I think we were just all in need of a quiet week of re-couperating! We have managed a bit of oustide time at Fyne Court and the oldest two girls went on a survival skills sleep out with guides (I’m guessing sleeping outside in a shelter made of sticks in a rain storm probably didn’t help them fight off the virus!) Last night we booked a local pool for half an hour of swimming fun. The kids are more or less back to normal and had a great time, but I stayed on the pool side as I am the last one feeling a bit sorry for myself! Continue reading