Mum Got Organised: Top tips to STAY organised


Mumy Got organised is back today with Louise from Little Hearts Big Love. Louise is sharing her top 5 tips for staying organised. I’m really excited about this post as I think this is where I tend to fall short. I am am great about coming up with great ideas to GET organised but amd useless at consistency! I will be implimenting lots of todays tips!! 

Meet Louise…

I’m Louise, mummy to two beautiful little girls – four year old Jessica who was born with a half a working heart and 22-month old Sophie who is heart-healthy.  I blog about parenthood and life as a heart family over at Little Hearts, Big Love and am passionate about raising awareness of congenital heart defects.

Tips and tricks for being organised LHBL

Top Tips to STAY organised

Five tips and tricks from a (semi) organised parent

Before I had children, I considered myself to be a very organised person.  My organisational skills have been a little lost along the way in the busyness that comes with parenthood but they’re still there somewhere! I am the one who keeps track of the family calendar, makes sure birthdays are remembered and appointments kept.  Here are some of my tips for keeping organised:

1) Write down appointments as soon as they’re made

As soon as I make an appointment, it gets put in the calendar on my phone.  If I don’t write it down there and then, chances are I’ll forget about it.

2) Have a big family calendar that everyone can view

Whilst I try and keep track of things with my phone calendar, it is the big family calendar in my kitchen that is my main point of reference.  It helps me plan for when hubby is working away on events, and reminds me of upcoming birthdays and events.

3) Have a big noticeboard where important information can be pinned

Wedding invites, hospital appointment letters, church rotas, toddler group info, repeat prescription forms – they all get pinned to my kitchen noticeboard.  Having all the information in one place makes it much easier to find!

4) Use to-do lists wisely

I’ve always been a list maker and find having a to-do list really helpful when trying to keep track of all the things I need to do.  The only problem with to-do lists is that they can easily become overwhelming when there are too many items on them.  If I’m in danger of getting overwhelmed by my to-do list, I sub-divide it into three categories – “essential”, “desirable” and “if time allows”.  This helps me to stay focused on the important things and not get side-tracked with the less important ones.

5) Take advantage of small windows of time

While I would love to have a good chunk of time to be able to organise more effectively, this just doesn’t happen very often!  Instead, I have to take advantage of the few minutes I can grab here and there – sorting through some paperwork on the table while waiting for the kettle to boil, emptying the dishwasher whilst waiting for the toaster, putting some clothes away while the bath is filling.  Those little pockets of time add up quite a lot during the course of a day!

What tips would you share for helping to stay organised on a day to day basis?

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  1. I definitely agree with writing appointments down. I’d have it stored in the back of my head then have a sudden panic! Diary is definitely my savior now!

    – A

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