Blackout blinds for roof windows

It is a sad reality that at some point in the fairly near future our little Bean will be needing to move out of our bedroom. I can’t actually believe I am writing this as after more than 13 years of co-sleeping I don’t think it is something I am really prepared for! However, despite only being 20 months old she is a VERY light sleeper! Our bedroom is at the front of the house, very near to the lounge and over the kitchen, this is increasingly causing problems both at nap time and in the evenings when we would quite like to be able to speak louder than a whisper once she is asleep! This is also starting to cause a problem when we want to go to bed as even just opening the bedroom door causes her to stir!

It really will be the end of an era but I am trying to think of it as the beginning of a new one, where the possibility of watching a film in bed or (heaven forbid) the odd moment of romance might be able to take place within the confines of our own bed!!

With this somewhat bitter-sweet reality looming I have decided to cheer myself up a bit by making the little lady’s room a little more appealing. (Ok so it’s for me more than here really!)

Bean will be sharing a room with her older sister Evie so we will of course be consulting her about the general decor and lay out but for now I have my mind firmly fixed on maximizing our sleep potential and optimising the sleep inducing vibes!!

With this in mind I have been looking at blackout blinds. I have found loads that can be used on vertical windows such as these from Dunelm


and the fab movable ones from the Gro Company.VELUX

However our sloping roof window poses a bit more of a problem! Firstly it is huge and the angle of it doesn’t exactly help matters as I fear gravity may get the better of the suction offered by both these examples! But having chatted it through with the hubby we remembered the great built-in blinds we had from VELUX in our last home. Having done a bit of research I have found that they are compatible with various window types and as the landlords are talking of replacing this window in the near future I think we might have a chat with them. It would be really fab to have an integral blind that the kids can’t get hold of and the cost of having it added to a window that is already being installed doesn’t appear to bad either!

Failing that I think we will just have to go for one of the travel black outs and hope for the best.

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