Keeping little ones warm at bedtime

The weather has really turned now and we are firmly into our winter warmers. However thanks to our beloved Aga we haven’t yet had to turn the heating on. When it gets particularly cold in the evenings we have just been lighting the fire for a bit of extra warmth and leaving the bedroom doors open to let the heat flow through. However this will not last much longer and we are just starting to think about how we can keep everyone nice and warm at bedtime!

We have been looking at lots of ways to keep them all warm over night including hot-water bottles and extra blankets for the bigger children and of course popping a vest under the smaller girls pjs but I think with the long range forecast being quite vile for the next few months we are going to have to up our game. Bean in particular gets a bit chilly at night anyway and often ends up in our bed for a snuggle!

We have always used sleeping bags for the children when they are small, it’s really handy that they can’t kick them off but Bean has other ideas and gets nothing short of enraged every time we try and zip her in!

So it looks like we are stuck with sheets and blankets, but lucky for me Mothercare have a load of bedding on offer at the moment, with some of the cutest little quilts I have ever seen!

I have settled on this one and at 24.49 down from £34.99 I am really pleased! It’s definitely worth shopping around, especially this time of year. With 3 birthdays between now and Christmas I am happy to save money any where I can!download (1)

Let’s hope Bean is as happy as me and that the winter doesn’t get too cold! What are your tactics for keeping little ones toasty warm at night? I’d love some more tips!

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  1. My girls hate bags and has rage when we try and zip them in a sleeping bag. They both seem to not like it on their legs. But they are both so wiggly in bed. We are so far just getting the fluffy onesies for eldest and vest and thick pjs for my baby.

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